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What is SpotSwitch?
We’ve all been there. We want to find that parking spot on the street.
But we end up circling the block, only to end up frustrated and going to the pay garage.
And we also know the lucky feeling you get when a car pulls out of its spot JUST as you roll up.

SpotSwitch is a help network for parking. With its iPhone App and integrated website
SpotSwitch locates fellow members leaving their parking spots around you at any given time.* [see disclaimer below]

Using the App is easy: Search for a parking spot nearest to where you are (or will be),
and nearby parking spots will be conveniently charted for you on an easy-to-use map.
Choose the one that’s most convenient and ready, then park. No more aimless circling.

And as you return to your car, you notify other SpotSwitch users with a simple click, so they can find the spot you‘re leaving.
All within an incredibly simple to use app. It’s a community of drivers helping each other find parking.

Forget where your car was parked or when you have to move it?
A glance at SpotSwitch’s familiar maps based interface will tell you exactly where your car was parked last.
If you’ve parked on a street with those annoying alternate side parking rules or if you’ve just parked at a Muni-meter,
SpotSwitch will send you an email/text message reminder when it comes time to move your vehicle.

Get Started by clicking Here now!

Spread the word
Since the number of spots available depends on the size of SpotSwitch's community,
ask your friends and family that rely on street parking to sign up now.

The Golden Rule
We all have to park sometime. SpotSwitch, is giving back for what you‘ve taken.
Remember, this is a community that works on the reliance of one another.
Taking a minute to simply announce your spot will mean you'll have an easier time finding parking in the future.

Contact us
Feel free at anytime to send your your suggestions, ideas, comments, etc. by clicking Feedback above. We would love to hear from you!

* SpotSwitch does not guarantee the availability of the parking spot you choose, but reduces parking spot search time for its users through the member network.